Electromagnet project

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Electromagnet project

Student Electromagnet project Sheet Materials To learn how to construct and use an electromagnet. To learn that electromagnets are temporary magnets and work only when electricity passes through the coil of wire.

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Context People use the power of magnets in many ways. Magnetism and electricity are closely related. In an electric generator, an electric current is set up in a coil of wire that moves through a magnetic field.

An electric current moving through a wire coil wrapped around an iron core produces magnetism. The close interrelationship between magnetism and electricity has many applications. By exploring magnets, students are indirectly introduced to the idea that there are forces that occur on earth which cannot be seen.

This idea can then be developed into an understanding that objects, such as the earth or electrically charged objects, can pull on other objects.

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It is important that students get a sense of electric and magnetic force fields as well as of gravity and of some simple relations between magnetic and electric currents.

Benchmarks for Science Literacy, p. This lesson continues the exploration of magnetism begun in Science NetLinks lessons Magnets 1: Magnetic PickupsMagnets 2: How Strong is Your Magnet? Before doing this activity, students should have built simple electric circuits with batteries and flashlight bulbs.

In this lesson, students will make a simple electromagnet by wrapping a wire around a nail and attaching the ends of the wire to a battery to make an electric circuit. As current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is produced and the nail is magnetized.

Lessons such as this help to build a foundation upon which students can develop their ideas about gravitational force and how electric currents and magnets can exert a force as well.

Motivation Begin with a brief discussion in which students can review concepts about magnetism, using questions such as these: What is a magnet? What is a magnetic field?

Can you make a magnet? If students' responses indicate that they need to review magnetism, you can refer them to How Electromagnets Work for a brief refresher.


Tell students that they will conduct an activity to explore how electromagnetic fields work. Development Pass out the Build an Electromagnet student sheet and have students do the activity in pairs.

Students will build an electromagnet and test its strength. To save time, you can pre-strip the ends of the wire for each pair of students. You can use a wire stripper, scissors, or a sharp knife to remove the insulation. Before students begin to work on their own, make sure that each group has the needed materials to build their electromagnet.

To help students, you can ask questions such as the following before they begin: Do you think an electromagnet will be attracted to the same things as a regular magnet? Will it be attracted to all metal things? Will it be attracted to other magnets? As students are building the electromagnet, walk around the class to make sure that they are on track.

Ask questions such as: What happens to the electromagnet if you disconnect one of the wires from the battery?

Electromagnet project

How many turns of the wire does it take to pick up a paper clip? Are more turns better? After students have built their electromagnet and tested it, you could ask questions such as the following to extend their ideas: What happens if you build another electromagnet using a different size battery?

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4-H Committee. The objective of the 4-H Committee is to promote the efficient and safe use of electricity through educational materials and programs designed for youth. If ultra-reliable electromagnetic braking of tonne vehicles hasn't convinced you then surely this last example will.

Strictly speaking this is magnetic braking as the source is permanent magnets, yet it is based on the same eddy current principle and is just as impressive..

Drop Tower amusement park rides feature up to feet ( m) towers with a carriage capable of taking up to Jan 15,  · nice work, I recall a battery add from the 70’s or 80’s that displayed the power of a couple of V cells powering an electromagnet that could lift a car.

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