Human and animal communication english language essay

Animal Duality of Patterning Distinctive sounds, called phonemes, are arbitrary and have no meaning.

Human and animal communication english language essay

Chomsky claims that humans possess an innate universal grammar that is not possessed by other species. This can be readily demonstrated, he claims, by the universality of language in human society and by the similarity of their grammars.

No natural non-human system of communication shares this common grammar. Macphailcited by Pearce, made the claim that "humans acquire language and non-humans do not not because humans are quantitatively more intelligent, but because humans possess some species-specific mechanism or mechanisms which is a prerequisite of language-acquisition".

Some researchers have provided lists of what they consider to be the criteria that animal communication must meet to be regarded as language.

For this lecture the list devised by Hockett is utilised, although this list is not the only such list available.

Such lists tend to be quite similar and certain elements of the Hockett list are considered particularly important in evaluating the question "can animals be taught language?

This applies to many animal communication systems, but there are many exceptions. Also, it does not apply to human sign language, which meets all the other 12 requirements. It also does not apply to written language. Broadcast transmission and directional reception: Rapid fading transitory nature: Signal lasts a short time.

This is true of all systems involving sound.

Human and animal communication english language essay

It doesn't take into account audio recording technology and is also not true for written language. It tends not to apply to animal signals involving chemicals and smells which often fade slowly. All utterances that are understood can be produced. This is different to some communication systems where, for example, males produce one set of behaviours and females another and they are unable to interchange these messages so that males use the female signal and vice versa.

The sender of a message also perceives the message. That is, you hear what you say. This is not always true for some kinds of animal displays. The signal produced is specialised for communication and is not the side effect of some other behaviour eg. There is a fixed relationship between a signal and a meaning.

There is an arbitrary relationship between a signal and its meaning. That is, the signal, is related to the meaning by convention or by instinct but has no inherent relationship with the meaning.

This can be seen in different words in different languages referring to the same meaning, or to different calls of different sub-species of a single bird species having the same meaning.

Language can be said to be built up from discrete units eg.

Human and animal communication english language essay

Exchanging such discrete units causes a change in the meaning of a signal. This is an abrupt change, rather than a continuous change of meaning eg. Speech loudness and pitch can, on the other hand be changed continuously without abrupt changes of meaning. Communicating about things or events that are distant in time or space.Jul 10,  · English has became one of the most important language in the word and it a communication language at the moment.

English language has many penefets such as it is important to study in the university. Also it is important to travel any where in the world English is the basic language for the study some sciences medicine, economics and plombier-nemours.coms: Animal Communication 2 Essay.

out and receiving information is called communication. A dog’s bark may be either a sign of warning or welcome; the meow of a cat may indicate hunger or loneliness. Animal communication lacks creativity, flexibility and is not as complex as human communication.

This essay will discuss the main features that distinguish human language from the ways other animals communicate, its origins and finally it will look at different attempts to teach animals to . Animal Communication Essay - Animal Communication Humans may dominate the planet in terms of power, but they certainly do not dominate in terms of numbers.

. Human language is distinct from animal communication in many ways. The six properties of Displacement, Arbitrariness, Productivity, Cultural transmission, Discreteness and Duality can be taken as the core features of human language.

Animal Communication Versus Human Language English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, there are significant differences between human language and animal communication systems. English Language Essay Writing .

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