Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

Environment Environment is the background for human interactions. In addition, king discussed: Function of professional nurse:

Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

In the mids, Imogene King wrote of the need for focus, organization, and use of a nursing knowledge base King, She proposed that knowledge for nursing resulted from the systematic use and validation of knowledge about concepts relevant to nursing situations.

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The use of knowledge in critical thinking results in decisions that are implemented in professional nursing practice. InKing proposed a conceptual system for nursing around four concepts she considered universal to the discipline of nursing: These areas were identified from the synthesis and reformulation of concepts using inductive and deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and extensive review of nursing and literature from other health-related disciplines.

Concepts were organized around individuals as personal systems, small groups as interpersonal systems, and larger social systems such as community and school King, Role, status, social organization, communication, information, and energy were identified as basic concepts of functions of systems.

King proposed that concepts were interrelated and could be used across systems to identify the essence of nursing.

King expanded the conceptual system during the s by further explicating the nature of persons and environment, strengthening the general systems orientation, and expanding the concepts. A more formalized conceptual system of personal, interpersonal, and social systems was presented in Concepts in the personal system were perception, self, growth and development, body image, time, and space.

Kings theory of goal attainment in the clinical setting

Concepts in the interpersonal system were human interaction, communication, transactions, role, and stress. Concepts in the social system were organization, authority, power, status, and decision making.

Also presented in the text was the Theory of Goal Attainment, derived from the personal and interpersonal systems and a process model of human interactions. The Theory of Goal Attainment specifically addresses how nurses interact with patients to achieve health goals. The initial concepts of the theory perception, communication, interaction, transaction, self, role, and decision making represented the essence of nursing King,ab.

The model of human interaction defines the observable behaviors in nurse-patient interactions that lead to transactions. The linkage between interactions and health is behavior, or human acts.

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Nurses must have the knowledge and skill to observe and interpret behavior and intervene in the behavioral realm to assist individuals and groups cope with health, illness, and crisis King, Concepts gleaned from an extensive review of the nursing literature organize knowledge about individuals, groups, and society King, King notes that the concepts are often interrelated and can be applied across systems.

According to King,concepts are critical because they provide knowledge that is applicable to practice. Personal Systems Individuals are personal systems King, Each individual is an open, total, unique system in constant interaction with the environment.

Patients, family members, friends, other health care professionals, clergy, and nurses are just a few examples of individuals who interact in the nursing practice environment. The following concepts provide foundational knowledge that contributes to understanding individuals as personal systems:The main purpose of the theory is to help patients attain, maintain or restore health.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss Imogene King and the theory of goal attainment, including all three levels. The Theory of Goal Attainment identifies three levels found in the environment: personal, interactional and social.

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A3: Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models: abbyyR: Access to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API: abc: Tools for. King's concepts and processes of nurse-patient interactions, such as disturbances, mutual goal setting, and transactions, were observed in NP-patient interactions.

IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Disturbances during clinical encounters were essential in the progression toward goal attainment. In goal attainment planning is represented by setting goals and making decisions about and being agreed on the means to achieve goals.

This part of transaction and client’s participation is encouraged in making decision on the means to achieve the goals.

Imogene King's Theory of Goal Attainment