Management essays grand strategies

In an effective stability strategy, the organization tries to maintain consistency by concentrating on their present resources and rapidly develops a meaningful competitiveness with the market requirements. Further classifications of stability strategy are as follows: Usually small business organizations follow no change strategy with an intention to maintain the same level of operations for a long period. It analyses the advantages and disadvantages before processing the growth strategy.

Management essays grand strategies

Grand matrix has four quadrants; each quadrant contains different sets of strategies and the entire firms along with their respective divisions must fall in one of the quadrant.

This matrix has two dimensions competitive position and market growth. Suitable set of strategies for each quadrant are given below: Quadrant I Companies positioned in this quadrant have very strong strategic position.

These firms focus on their established competitive advantage CA and take advantage of it as long as it allows them. These companies must concentrate on the existing market by adopting the set of product development, market development and market penetration strategies.

Organizations that fall in quadrant 1 have focus on a single product and can go for related diversification strategy to minimize the risk related to limited product line.

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If these organizations have higher resources they can go for horizontal, backward and forward set of strategies. These firms can take risks being an aggressive and can afford to obtain advantage of opportunities in numerous ways.

Quadrant II Firms laying in this quadrant have the rapid growing industry but can not fight competently.

Management essays grand strategies

They must evaluate their existing approach in the market place, need to know why they are ineffective in the market and must come up with a strategy to improve their strategic position. Due to the growth of the industry, firms in this quadrant use intensive strategy as a first strategic option. If companies do not have competitive advantage, horizontal integration is more advantageous option.

Last but not the least strategic option is the liquidation which provides fund needed for other Strategic Business Unit SBU or to acquire other businesses. Quadrant III All those firms which fall in this quadrant have slow growth market and have relatively weak position.

Firms have to make noticeable modifications to sustain their position. Retrenchment strategy has priority in this quadrant followed by diversification to transfer resource to another growing business. Last strategic option available for the firms positioned in this quadrant is liquidation or divestiture of the business.

Quadrant IV Companies competing in this quadrant have slow growth industry but have a strong competitive position. These firms can diversify into different untapped businesses by utilizing their existing resource.

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These firms face restricted internal growth and have high cash flow intensity which allows them to practice related and unrelated diversifications effectively.

Finally these firms can go for joint ventures to fulfill their internal growth needs. Grand Strategy Matrix Example In this figure each quadrant shows the different strategic options available for the firms which are positioned in different quadrants.

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Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your strategic management essay. Strategic Management Strategies of Laying Off Employees (, August 8). Grand Bahama's economic landscape showing improvement.

Retrieved from. Grand or Business Strategies Strategy Analysis and Choice is a process that reconciles strategic actions, market opportunities, corporate strengths and resources, values of managers, and legal requirements.

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Chapter Strategic Management: How Exceptional Managers Realize a Grand Design. Chapter 6 of Management: A Practical Introduction (5e) by Kinicki/Williams. explains how the organization's mission is to be accomplished.

Management essays grand strategies

Three common grand strategies are growth, stability, and defensive. Chapter Strategic Management: .

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