Old people speech

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Old people speech

Fifty women gathered at Clemence Lozier's home on West Forty-eighth Street to celebrate Elizabeth Cady Stanton's seventieth birthday with speeches, refreshments, and music on 12 November Lillie Blake introduced the guest of honor, who spoke, by one account, for twenty minutes on "The Pleasures of Age.

According to Susan B. Anthony, the speech disappeared: However, Stanton had found the speech earlier and submitted it to the Boston Investigator for publication in It is not clear from Anthony's notes whether she found the printing or an earlier one; she sent an unspecified copy to Harriot Stanton Blatch and the Investigator version to the Library of Congress.

Harriot Blatch advertised copies of the speech for six cents, published by her brother's European Publishing Company in New York, in time for celebrations of her mother's birthday in Three different imprints of a pamphlet survive, all lacking a date and clues about the publisher; one bears an inscription by Margaret Stanton Lawrence inwhile another is designed in a style consistent with items Blatch published Old people speech The Blatch text of the speech, alike in all the pamphlets, differs from the text published in Gone are the tributes to Lillie Blake and Clemence Lozier, along with other references particular to the birthday celebration.

What follows is the text ofbut how closely it matches what Stanton said in twenty minutes sixteen years earlier is not known. Before giving my views, however, I thought I would ask those of my friends whom I chanced to meet who had passed threescore and ten what they had to say on the question.

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Accordingly, seated at the breakfast table one morning, at a mansion up town, with several friends revolving round the seventies and eighties, I launched my question for their serious consideration. Another said perhaps one may find some pleasure in being deaf, as then you do not hear the nonsense of ordinary talk.

Another said blindness, too, may have its advantages, as then your eyes are shut to many things you fain would never see.

Another said there is comfort even in being crippled, as then, like the old woman in the song, who was always tired, one need do nothing but rest forever and ever. Most discouraging negations from a group of educated people from which to extract an essay on the pleasures of old age.

And many more I have asked in the ordinary walks of life without one triumphant response as to the joys of this grand period of our mortal life. Even the poets and philosophers speak with no certain sound. So I turned to my calendar of October 8th, as it was prepared by a woman on the shady side of sixty, Elizabeth Smith Miller.

I read the following: Under the eternal laws of the universe I came into being, and under them I have lived a life so full that its fulness is equivalent to length. There has been much in my life that I am glad to have enjoyed,and much that generates a mood of contentment at the close.

I never dream of wishing that anything were otherwise than as it is; I am frankly satisfied to have done with this life. I have had a noble share of it, and I desire no more. I neither wish to live longer here, nor to find life again elsewhere.

Old people speech

To my young disciples looking forward with apprehension to the time when the joys of youth have passed, to that period so deplored by all, I bring a message of hope, of triumph, of victory.Editorial Note: Fifty women gathered at Clemence Lozier's home on West Forty-eighth Street to celebrate Elizabeth Cady Stanton's seventieth birthday with speeches, refreshments, and .

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Old people speech

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