Rudolph van der merwe thesis

Bucy of the University of Southern California contributed to the theory, leading to it sometimes being called the Kalman—Bucy filter. Schmidt is generally credited with developing the first implementation of a Kalman filter.

Rudolph van der merwe thesis

The continued relevance of the mandament van spolie: Om besitsherstel te bewerkstellig en uitsetting om te keeris die mandament van spolie deur die respondente geopper.

Hoewel die feite en omstandighede soortgelyk maar nie identies nie was, is die uitsprake taamlik uiteenlopend. In die derde geval was die mandament inderdaad suksesvol, hoewel die dakplate met plaasvervangende materiaal herstel moes word.

Die bydrae ontleed die drie sake in die lig van a die basiese beginsels van die mandament en die redes vir die remedie in die algemeen; en b die noodsaaklikheid al dan nie om die remedie te ontwikkel.

Dit wil voorkom of die Rudolph van der merwe thesis toenemend aangewend word om ander oogmerke, byvoorbeeld grondwetlike beskerming teen uitsetting, te bereik. Solank as wat die leemtes in die Uitsettingswet voortbestaan, is die mandament relevant, nie net as besitsherstelremedie nie, maar ook as meganisme om die belange van kwesbares — veral by onwettige uitsetting — uit te lig.

The continued relevance of the mandament van spolie 1 Introduction Section 26 3 of the Constitution provides that no person may be evicted from his or her home or have his or her home or shelter demolished without a court order and that a court order may only be granted after all relevant circumstances had been considered.

Yet, persons still lose their shelter or homes without a court order being granted. Three recent cases illustrate that the loss of a home or shelter, thereby effectively constituting eviction, may result from acts of dispossession, either of the home or shelter as a whole total destructionor some distinctive integral elements thereof such as removal of parts of a roof.

These acts of dispossession occurred unlawfully, in the absence of due process. Because they were effectively evicted without a court order being granted, the dispossessed and therefore effectively evicted, wanted restoration of their homes and shelters.

But how are persons so dispossessed and often displaced to be restored to their former living environments? On what basis can they return, speedily, to their homes or can their shelter be restored to them?

What options are there when there is nothing left to return to, shelters and structures having been destroyed or demolished? It is in this process of reclaiming homes and shelters that the restorative possessory remedies, in particular the mandament van spolie, may come into play.

The aim of the article is to ascertain to what extent, if at all, the mandament van spolie is still relevant today — in a post-Constitutional South Africa — within the context of vulnerable occupiers and their housing and accommodation arrangements. The question is important on two levels: Firstly, on a theoretical level, the role and function, as well as the limitations of the mandament as possessory remedy, need to be clarified.

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Judgments in terms of which possessory remedies were claimed, with very similar facts and surrounding circumstances have resulted in dissimilar, divergent decisions. Is it possible to adjust or extend its application? Should the plight of vulnerable occupiers be highlighted more in this process or should other relief, aimed at embodying constitutional imperatives, be developed instead?

Are there any differences, theoretically and practically, between the common law and constitutional remedies in these circumstances?

Secondly, on a practical level, it is crucial to ascertain what options are available to persons who find themselves dispossessed evicted from their homes and shelters without the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act2 PIE having been instituted against them.

Therefore, the role of PIE and other possible options and their practical relevance within this context also needs further elaboration. The aims of the article are achieved by firstly providing an overview of the general principles pertaining to the mandament van spolie, as well as its general applicability and the underlying reasons for employing it.

Rudolph van der merwe thesis

The mandament has been employed differently in case law — especially with regard to vulnerable occupiers. Of importance for this contribution, are the instances where case law development had occurred in relation to non-restoration or the impossibility of repossession.Rudolph Van Der Merwe Thesis.

The Kalman Filter Some tutorials, references, and research on the Kalman filter. Johannesburg.: AFDA STUDY AT OUR JOHANNESBURG CAMPUS AFDA was established in Johannesburg in and is currently situated on a 10 square metre campus within a stone's throw of the Port Elizabeth.

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Kurrikulumkonsultasie in Suid-Afrikaanse primere skole Deaths in Exile Executive Summary [This summary serves merely to identify the primary issues in the submission and should not detract from the matters raised in the main document] 1.
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Van Der Merwe Thesis Data assimilation in large scale highly nonlinear dynamic systems.
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van der Merwe is a Chief Executive Officer & Director at Stadio Holdings Ltd. and a Non-Executive Director at Curro Holdings Ltd.

Rudolph van der merwe thesis

He is on the Board of Directors at Stadio Holdings Ltd. Sigma-Point Kalman Filters for Probabilistic Inference in Dynamic State-Space Models Rudolph van der Merwe, Electrical Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, Rudolph van der merwe thesis - Dr van der Merwe received his undergratuate on the Great Barrier Reef at James Cook University in far north Der Merwe Thesis, Buy Essay Online - van der merwe thesis Completing your qualitative dissertation bloomberg thesis masters english ceaa environmental screening report van der merwe thesis doc business plan.

Sigma-Point Kalman Filters for Integrated Navigation Rudolph van der Merwe and Eric A. Wan Adaptive Systems Lab, OGI School of Science & Engineering, Oregon Health & Science University BIOGRAPHY paper points out the inherent shortcomings in using the EKF and presents, as an alternative, a family of improved Rudolph van der Merwe is a .

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