San gabriel mission essay

InFranciscan Fathers under the leadership of Father Junipero Serra founded the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, forming the foundation for the diverse and rich communities that now make up the Los Angeles region. The Mission was known for its thriving agriculture industry, which continued even after the Mission was disbanded. It was also known for revolutionary water systems, and a restored portion of the elaborate water delivery system, the Chapman Millrace, sits in Plaza Park just outside the Mission grounds.

San gabriel mission essay

A larger, six-bell structure was subsequently constructed at the far end of the capilla.

San gabriel mission essay

While no pictorial record exists to document what the original structure looked like, architectural historian Rexford Newcomb deduced the design and published a depiction in his work The Franciscan Mission Architecture of Alta California.

Legend has it that the founding expedition was confronted by a large group of native Tongva peoples whose intention was to drive the strangers away.

A large stone cross stands in the center of the campo santo cemeteryfirst consecrated in and then again on January 29, by the Los Angeles Archbishop John Cantwell.

Also interred at the Mission are the bodies of numerous Franciscan fathers who died during their time of service, as well as the remains of Reverend Raymond Catalan, C. Entombed at the foot of the altar are the remains of eight Franciscan priests listed in order of interment: Mission San Gabriel Arcangel circa The trail in the foreground is part of the original El Camino Real.

Well over 25, baptisms were conducted at San Gabriel between andmaking it the most prolific in the mission chain. In its heyday it furnished food and supplies to settlements and other missions throughout California.

The Mission District

A majority of the Mission structures fell into ruins after it was secularized in November The Choose Type of service.San Gabriel Arcangel Mission was the fourth California mission.

It was founded on September 8, near the present city of Montebello. Five years later it was moved to an even better site five miles closer to the mountains.3/5(2). The Mission Playhouse is the jewel of the Mission District and a center for arts and culture in the San Gabriel community.

The building was built in to house John Steven McGroarty's iconic "Mission Play," which told the story of the California Missions. Mission San Gabriel was founded on September 8, by fathers Pedro Cambon and Angel Somera - San Gabriel Mission introduction.

The planned site for the Mission was along the banks of the Rio de los Temblores (the River of the Earthquakes—the Santa Ana River).

Birthplace of the Los Angeles Region

The priests chose an alternate site on a fertile plain. History of San Gabriel Birthplace of the Los Angeles Region The Mission San Gabriel was the fourth of the 21 California Missions and was known as the "Pride of the California Missions." The Native American population living in the area, the Gabrieleno-Tongva Indians, helped to build the Mission and remained a key part of the story of the.

Mission San Gabriel Archangel is a Catholic parish, located in the town of San Gabriel, California, USA. “The Mission Community is especially committed to and challenged by its worship, its desire to educate and nurture leadership, and its service to the poor and vulnerable.”, as described in The Mission San Gabriel.

In the current essay we will analyze the San Gabriel Mission in California, and discuss how effectively it presents the history of California’s mission period.

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