Ssrc mellon dissertation fellowship

Notifications will be sent via email in late March

Ssrc mellon dissertation fellowship

The description below is for information purposes only. Awardees in the competition will be announced in the spring.

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Notifications will be sent via email by early March The ACLS Fellowship program includes a joint fellowship with the New York Public Library additional information belowas well as named awards made possible by generous donors.

The following fellowships will be awarded to selected applicants from within the the ACLS Fellowship program: The information provided here is a summary of the program, and details eligibilityapplication requirementsand evaluation criteria.

Please read carefully through the material and accompanying FAQ. Summary ACLS invites research applications from scholars in all disciplines of the humanities and related social sciences. Faculty appointments are not required. The Ssrc mellon dissertation fellowship goal of the project should be a major piece of scholarly work by the applicant, which can take the form of a monograph, articles, digital publication scritical edition, or other scholarly resources.

ACLS Fellowships are intended as salary replacement to help scholars devote six to twelve continuous months to full-time research and writing.

The awards are portable and are tenable at the fellow's home institution, abroad, or at another appropriate site for research. The fellowship stipend is set at three levels based on academic rank or rank equivalency based on scholarly attainment: ACLS will determine the level based on the candidate's rank or equivalent rank as of the application deadline.

Inthe program will award up to 81 fellowships. Approximately 28 fellowships will be awarded at the Assistant Professor level, approximately 28 at the Associate Professor level, and approximately 25 at the full Professor level. We also believe that demographic diversity enhances scholarship, and aspire to recognize academic excellence from all sectors of higher education and beyond.

Ssrc mellon dissertation fellowship

ACLS invites applications from scholars pursuing research in any discipline of the humanities and related social science on topics grounded in any time period, world region, or humanistic methodology.

ACLS continues to welcome applications from scholars proposing disciplinary or interdisciplinary work in international and area studies, as it has since, in the years after World War II, ACLS worked with the Social Science Research Council to develop and sustain scholarly expertise focused on particular areas or cultural regions of the world.

In addition to these awards, the program offers ACLS Project Development Grants that support projects from faculty at teaching-intensive institutions.

See FAQ for more information. An established scholar who can demonstrate the equivalent of a PhD in publications and professional experience may also qualify. Application Requirements Applications must be submitted online and must include: The potential of the project to advance the field of study in which it is proposed and make an original and significant contribution to knowledge.

The quality of the proposal with regard to its methodology, scope, theoretical framework, and grounding in the relevant scholarly literature.

The feasibility of the project and the likelihood that the applicant will execute the work within the proposed time frame. The scholarly record and career trajectory of the applicant, taking into account relative advantages and constraints on resources for the proposed project and over the course of her or his career.

Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers. The Center also serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among fellows, invited guests, the wider academic and cultural communities, and the interested public.

Fellowship Details

It provides individual office space and common areas in the Library building. Fellows are required to be in residence from the beginning of September through the end of May and to participate in Center activities. These may include lunches, panel discussions, public conversations, symposia, and interviews.

The only additional proviso is that these residential fellowships will be granted to scholars whose projects will benefit from research in the NYPL's Stephen A. The application for the NYPL competition is available here.

The deadline for application and letters of recommendation is 5 pm Eastern Daylight Time, September 28, This is an optional enhancement to the award for ACLS fellows.Chelsea Frazier: PhD Candidate in the Department of African American Studies.

Chelsea Frazier is a PhD candidate in the Department of African American Studies and a . The International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program supports the next generation of scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences pursuing research that advances knowledge about non-US cultures and societies.

The Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) offers nine to twelve months of support to graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who are enrolled in PhD programs in the United States and conducting dissertation research on non-US topics.

The International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program supports the next generation of scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences pursuing research that advances knowledge about non-US cultures and societies.

The National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program supports early career scholars working in critical areas of education nonresidential postdoctoral fellowship funds proposals that make significant scholarly contributions to the field of education.


Ssrc mellon dissertation fellowship

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