Swot analysis of asahi glass

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Swot analysis of asahi glass

Business plans Tagged With: Asahi Swot analysis of asahi glass Company has diversified through internal growth, acquisition, and joint ventures from its origin in flat glass to broad glass-materials, chemical, and electronics manufacturer. It has also vertically integrated and expanded internally to become the leading global glass manufacturer.

InAsahi Glass is reviewing its future direction, particularly whether it should divest its electronics business. New Glass is in the emerging growth stage. Asahi should definitely tap on its core competency which is flat glass and exploit opportunities in this business.

Was it glass with inherent functions or glass with improved characteristics.

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Shortened product life cycles The rate of change in industries such as automotive, retail, manufacturing, textile Supporting these efforts, companies have initiated IT systems projects that have ranged from simple Electronics InElectronics contributed only 5.

While Asahi has a head start with equity partnerships with two firms which are among the industry leaders, it is struggling to establish a firm position in this industry due to competition from Hitachi, Toshiba and NEC with strong skills in semiconductor.

The company has stepped into a business where it lacks expertise. Expansion opportunity in areas where Asahi has the necessary know-how like LCD panels is certainly prudent and logical.

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Additionally it would be challenging to compete with veterans like Kyocera and future expansion may be detrimental. To grow, a company must have all the necessary strategic assets, not just some of them.

Swot analysis of asahi glass

Finally Asahi has to decide whether is simply wants to be a player in the new market or do they want to emerge as a winner. America It is the highest consumer of glass. However faces fierce competition and Asahi lacks necessary knowledge about this region to turn in into a profitable venture.

Samsung electronics Company manufactures a lot of product such as consumer It enjoys dominant market share and can benefit from the ignorance of its competitors to gain competitive advantage.

In order to tap exceptional market opportunities, Asahi must synthesize mountains of data- including internal rate of return, market forecasts, competitive assessment, Key Success Indicators and their core competencies.

Asahi Glass Co.: Diversification Strategy [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution

Asahi started its dawn with the glass business where lies its core competency. At the same time, Asahi has become a leader in a number of specialty product markets, and secured a unique position in the domestic chemical industry.

Any expansion in glass and chemicals, the chief cash cows, is prudent and judicious. Electronics Asahi entered the electronics business because of its growth potential. Their joint venture with Mitsubishi led them to be the second largest manufacturer of LCDs.


This was because Asahi had the relevant raw material expertise on displays and components for ICs. It was also increasing production rapidly and was strongly positioned in the market. However Asahi does not add any value to this business as such and should avoid, any major expansion spree.

Tapping international generic market: Companies are setting up subsidiaries abroad and entering into There is already an established international industry and business community.

Asahi is the oldest and largest glass manufacturer in Japan; that is what the company is known for. It holds technological expertise in this area and has dominated this industry for many years.

Asahi was also the first successful sheet glass manufacturer in Japan. Asahi is always at the forefront as far as adopting new technology is concerned for introducing new specialty products. The company can capitalize on this opportunity by leveraging the strength of its brand name known as the oldest and largest glass manufacturer in Japan.

These are the Asian countries. Besides, it already has a presence in Thailand, Indonesia and India. By moving beyond a business-definition approach and launching a first mover opportunity approach, Asahi can answer this question in affirmative.

Both the rewards as well as the risks of diversifying can be extraordinary. Asahi needs to answer the following six questions Markides, Constantinos C. This coupled with detailed financial analysis like IRR, NPV, market forecasts and competitive assessment will turn a complex and pressured decision into a more structured and successful one.

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