Upsurge of violence in israel and palestine

It is not calm, a euphemism for Palestinian submission that is urgently needed but, rather, genuine and credible hope for freedom and some measure of justice. The Israeli government will not provide hope, and the Palestinian Authority cannot provide it.

Upsurge of violence in israel and palestine

The aggressor is undoubtedly Israel, who carried out more than a hundred strikes against Syria since the beginning of the conflict.

Upsurge of violence in israel and palestine

Following the US announcement of withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, new Israeli strikes targeted Syrian positions on Tuesday May 8th in the southern suburbs of Damascus, and Wednesday May 9th in Quneitra, in the south of the country. Undeniably, Syria has only responded to yet another aggression, with a firmness that has shaken Israel and forced it out of the muteness to which it usually confines itself.

The Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen specifically identified the military posts struck: And as this channel has reported, even Israeli journalists and analysts have expressed doubts about this unconvincing version according to which these massive strikes, unprecedented since and therefore unexpected, would have proved harmless.

It is unlikely that it was able to cope better with the much more sophisticated Russian, Chinese and Iranian rocket launchers that Syria has. Russian military officials, whose radars have followed this fight in real time, announced that more than half of the 60 missiles fired by 28 Israeli Fs and Fs — as well as 10 ground-to-ground missiles — were intercepted.

The Syrian army records 3 dead and 2 wounded, a radar station and ammunition depot destroyed and material damage to Syrian anti-aircraft defense units. Iran has only a modest presence essentially composed of military advisers, indeed from the body of the Islamic Revolutionary Guardsunlike Hezbollah or Russia.

Any objective reporting on these events should resemble that of Robert Fisk: Israel, the only country in the world that officially does not fear anything and indeed has nothing to fear from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the like, has seen the situation in Syria turn from a dream — see a myriad of terrorist groups tear down the only anti-Israeli Arab regime, back of the Resistance Axis, and bleed Hezbollah — into a nightmare — to face Hezbollah, Syrian and Iran forces more battle-hardened and powerful than ever, and allied with the Palestinian Resistance, Iraq and Yemen, as well as Russia —, is only continuing its destabilizing work under new pretexts, and more directly: Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, had announced that after the defeat of proxies in Syria, their sponsors could either give up or intervene more and more openly.

Iran, whose opposition to the racist and colonialist project of Israel has been a principle and even a dogma since the triumph of the Islamic Revolution inis not easily provoked into an ill-thought reaction, and has always preferred to act with patience for long-term objectives — let us remember its restraint after the massacre of Iranian diplomats in Afghanistan in Moreover, when the Iranian missiles enter the scene, they are launched from the territory of the Islamic Republic and with undeniable success, as shown by the strikes against ISIS at Deir-Ez-Zor on June 18,in retaliation for terrorist attacks in Tehran.

As we can see, the reality cannot be more different from the fable that has been propagated by the majority of the media. Israel is indeed constantly lying to the world — and, increasingly, to its own people. The international media contented itself with repeating these statements immediately after the first attacks, without any critical distance.

Moreover, the fact that a bitter setback for Israel, which literally reverses the strategic situation, is transformed into a military success by Zionist and Atlantist propaganda, and combined with Israeli protests of non-belligerency, can only confirm the Resistance Axis in its choices.

Yoav Kish, a member of the Knesset quoted by Al-Manarstressed that regardless of the author of the strikes and their results — that censorship forbade from mentioning —, it was a major shift in the history of the wars of Israel, which is being attacked from Syria.

Indeed, the Golan military installations are now directly targeted as a result of Israeli aggressions, and not just the Israeli air force, which has already seen its finest — the F — be shot down on February 10, The journalists and Israeli analysts also pointed out the psychological and economic repercussions of this incident, with more than 20, Golan settlers having had to hastily find their way back to the shelters in the middle of the night how much will they be at the next escalation?

The Zionist entity, which unabashedly inflicts the greatest loss and damage to the Palestinians and its neighbors, is severely shaken by the slightest losses, unbearable for Israeli society. The accusation against Iran is explained by essential factors the inherent racism of Israeli society and its Prime Minister, who more willingly believe in a dangerousness of Persian Iran than in that of Arab Syria and circumstantial — a refusal to assume the consequences of the suicidal policy of the Netanyahu governmentwhich led him to a direct confrontation with the entire Resistance Axis, not to say with Russia.

Netanyahu has made it clear that a war with Iran is inevitable, and that it would be better to happen now than later.Violations. Both Israel and Hamas argue that the other violated the ceasefire agreement, resulting in 1 Israeli and 8 Gazan deaths and 5 Israeli and 66 Gazan injuries.

According to the Israeli Security Agency there was a sharp decrease in attacks from Gaza in Nevertheless, 63 rockets (average 5 per month) were launched in 36 rocket attacks in addition to various mortar attacks, all.

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Elaborating and popularizing the program of the working class involves intensive and extensive theoretical and ideological work. West Bank Palestinians demonstrated Monday against Israel’s six-day assault on Hamas the Gaza Strip, confronting IDF troops in several locations in a major upsurge in violence.

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The latest upsurge of violence in Israel/Palestine has raised fears that a third Palestinian intifada is breaking out. In just this past month, eight Israelis and 42 Palestinians have been killed. ISRAEL – PALESTINE. Send to a friend. For the Vicar of Jerusalem, Israel and Hamas are diametrically opposed, no peace is possible without justice Despite the upsurge, violence “has not.

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