Wine essay questions

The vintage year on a wine label is the harvest year of the grapes from which the wine was made. The characteristics of a particular vintage year are determined by the weather conditions and resulting grape crop for that year.

Wine essay questions

Tweet Last week was the week the annual Master of Wine Practical and Theory examinations were held, as concurrently as time zones permitted, in London, Sydney and Napa. A record number of candidates,slogged their way through four theory papers and the usual three practical papers, each involving a dozen wines served blind.

As usual, we're publishing the questions.

Wine essay questions

As usual, I should imagine many wine lovers will read them and think, 'I could answer those'. But I can assure you that the questions always look deceptively straightforward. The examiners are looking for extremely detailed responses that the questions don't really hint at.

From my point of view, the wines chosen for the tasting papers look much more straightforward than last year'sand for once the 'contemporary issues' really do look interesting and topical. However, the examiners are confident that candidates won't have struggled at that stage, particularly as the question was about method of production, quality and commercial potential; no guesses required for origin or grape variety.

The final pair on that paper formed a contrast almost as extreme. Two "big" reds, one the powerful but lively Amarone from Allegrini, the other the distinctly medium-dry Californian. My guess is that Paper 1 will prove the hardest. At first glance it might look manageable, but sorting out those four dry-ish Rieslings may prove tricky.

And there's always the issue of first-day nerves. Neil Tully MW in charge of Paper 2 and next year in charge of the whole Theory exam is particularly proud of question 6, but it covers a big area and students may have avoided it. There were easier pickings perhaps with the questions on traceability or micro-oxygenation.

Those who somehow manage to pass both practical and theoretical parts of this 'closed book' exam then have to go on to write a dissertation or research paper on an approved topic before they qualify as Masters of Wine - which is not so easy, as our colleague Richard Hemming has found.

There are in total just over Masters of Wine worldwide. Tomorrow and the next day we will be publishing a two-part report on the most scientific of the sessions held at the recent MW symposium in Florencepacked with information that would be extremely useful for next year's theory exams.

Assess how varying this technique can influence wine style and quality before, during and after fermentation. Section B 3 Do the highest potential quality wines come from vines planted on a slope?

Wine essay questions

Refer to white and red table wines. Consider vineyards in both warm and cool climates. Section B 3 What quality control procedures can make it possible to trace the origin of a bottle of wine?Wine has been a huge part of civilization dating all the way back to the Neolithic Period ( B.C.) beginning in communities that maintained year round settlements rather than a nomadic lifestyle.3/5(2).

Test your wine knowledge by answering a range of questions pulled from WSET Level 3 Advanced certification programs offered by Napa Valley Wine Academy. Test your wine knowledge by answering a range of questions pulled from WSET Level 3 Advanced certification programs offered by Napa Valley Wine Academy.

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